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Finding and approaching a mentor

Mentoring expert Emily Cosgrove from The Conversation Space shares her top tips on finding a mentor of your own.  It is incredible how positively people in all walks of life and at all levels of importance will respond to requests from people they hardly know (or don’t know at all) to...
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Hello Kerners, the latest podcast is here and it’s on repeat because we’ve got the amazing Roberta Ronsivalle-Pearce, leadership and team coach, in conversation with Nat. Tackling what it means to be a leader today, they ask what that looks like to women (and men!), and how softer skills play...
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Saying thank you.

Wonderful Kerners, after a short hiatus, I’m delighted to announce that we’re officially BACK! And what better day to come out of our brief hibernation. Before we crack on with reigniting the KTG whirlwind, I just wanted to take a pause on this International Women’s Day, about saying thank you....
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