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Who We Are

Kerning The Gap is a collective of like-minded people who want to see more women in design leadership roles, hear their voices and be inspired to create change.

Our Events

We run various events throughout the year, ranging from individual speakers to panel events.

Our last intake for the KTG Mentoring Scheme was in September 2018, aiming to help and empower women to rise in the design industry. 

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Design world, we have a problem

70% of graphic design students are women; yet only 11% are Creative Directors.

Girls consistently outperform boys in all spectrums of education, yet only 18% of the board of FTSE 250 businesses are women.

The Drum’s 2015 list of the top 100 ‘designerati’ features 13 women.

David Cameron has insisted that businesses over 250 publish their pay scales, yet 98% of design businesses employ less than 50 people.

Percentage of Women CD's
% of FTSE Female Board Members
Women on Drum's Top 100
Business's with less than 50 employees

Calling Aspiring Leaders

Whether you’re an aspiring leader, or one of the few that has pushed through the gap, we want to build a community to provoke discussion, provide inspiration and, more importantly, turn it into positive action.

We Need You

We need designers, marketers, strategists and relationship leads to come together to truly see a change across the landscape of our industry.

Inspiring The next Generation

Through our collective we will create change in our businesses that allow women to grow, encourage one and other on the journey, and provide inspiration to the next generation of leaders.

“The further I’ve advanced in my career, the more I found myself looking around and asking “hang on a minute… where have all the women gone?”


During my time at the DBA looking at the issues facing the design industry as a whole, it became obvious that we need to do more to raise the profile, and create opportunities, for women in this wonderful world of ours.

It’s not just the creative roles that are in trouble – across the board, in leadership roles, we’re well outnumbered.

When I joined Good – a design business that employs more women than men and has more of us in senior positions (“oh, here they are!”), – I knew I was in the right place to finally do something about it. Now that I’m at Pollitt & Partners, I’m excited about continuing the journey with an equally inspired and diverse bunch.

So here we are, it’s a thing. All it needs now is your support.

If this issue is important to you, we want you to come and be a part of it. No matter where you are in your career, design commissioners, creatives, planning or handling. If you’ve already squeezed through the gap, come and share what it took, and help change our businesses for the better; if you’re looking for a way through, come and be inspired.

Nat Maher, CEO, Pollitt & Partners – and founder of Kerning The Gap.

Previous Event

The Client is Always Right - Panel Discussion

Our last event took place on the 24th May in which we brought together clients, agencies (and a gender expert!) to share their own experiences, and debate how we could (and if we should) learn from, and help one another across the client/agency relationship.

You can read more about the event here.

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