KTG Mentoring

KTG Mentoring

When we set up our first Kerning the Gap mentoring programme, we had no idea how popular it was going to be, so much so, that 6 months later we launched the second one, to keep up with demand.   

We caught up with the first programme mentors and mentees back in June and the results were exciting, with two mentees already promoted and one with a brand new job.

And it isn’t just the mentees that are feeling the impact, all of our mentors remarked how incredibly rewarding it has been, and how much they’ve learned about themselves along the way.

Kerning the Gap mentoring now has over 100 people in the programme and demand is so high that we’ll be launching the 3rd programme in this winter.  If you’re interested in being either a mentor or mentee please drop us a note on events@kerningthegap.com

And as ever, a huge thank you to Emily Cosgrove from The Conversation Space and Jo Gray from 2 Youth Business, the inspiring women that making this programme possible.